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The Grind is a comic strip about work situations. It also covers relationships, debt, and other issues many of us can relate to.  Enjoy!

John Griggs

Newest comic strip - Added 10/15/2009

Why is pubic hair curly? 

Here is the rest of the comic strips.  Enjoy!

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The Grind - Comedian who's funnier than hell!

The Grind - Phone Call

Comic Strip The Grind - Casino

Drinking Game

The Grind Comic Strip - Fighting World Hunger Pictures, Images and Photos

Any of you who work in phone sales will appreciate this one!

Phone Sales


Guy gets a surprise when he orders a burger and fries!

Is this salesman giving out a good deal?

john griggs the grind comic strip dating




Job Interview

john griggs the grind comic strip telemarketing

New Car Purchase

This is the first "The Grind" comic strip!

Guy gets threatened

Mortgage Application

John Griggs comic strip,the grind

The Grind-Psychiatrist

World Traveler

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