Prank Calls

Prank Call to a Scammer

What do most people do with messages that are sent to their email spam folder? They either ignore the messages or delete them.

However, I approach this differently now. When in my spam folder, I found a scam email stating that I had an Amazon package delivered to someone I never heard of in a different part of the country.

The idea of the scammer is to try to take over your computer to get personal information such as bank accounts. I called the scammers pretending to be a potential victim and this was the result;

My advice to you; your spam emails may have the potential for comedy gold. Don’t be so quick to delete them!

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Covid-19 Jokes

In the past, we’ve had some diseases that really sound vicious! Black Plague? That sounds really badass! Anthrax? I wouldn’t want to mess with that!!!

We’ve had centuries to come up with a badass name for a disease and they name it.. Covid-19??? That sounds like a new lipstick from Maybelline!

Hey Baby! Are you toilet paper? Because I can’t find you anywhere!!!

What’s the difference between a Las Vegas prostitute and a 401K? One will go down on you and cause you to lose a lot of money… the other one is having difficulty finding work right now.